The surprising link between Trump and Justice Kennedy

While it might sound like a far off conspiracy for a red yarn peg board, this story is actually true. The now retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy’s son Justin just so happened to be Donald Trump’s money lender at Deutsche Bank.  At Deutche Bank Justin Kennedy rose to become the global head of real estate capital markets and he worked to lend Trump over $1 billion in loans. At the time no other banks would lend to Trump because of his previous bankruptcies. Deutsche Bank has long been suspected to launder Russian money and is currently under investigation for this suspicion. These loans are under scrutiny by the Special Council’s investigation as it is a viable link between Trump and Russian money.

Kennedy’s retirement was considered a bit strange because it was before the end of the Supreme Court sessions and the midterm elections. Trump had long been encouraging Kennedy to retire, which is common as all Presidents would like to appoint a Justice. However this connection between the Kennedy family and Trump calls into question the timing of Justice Kennedy’s retirement.

Do you think Kennedy’s retirement had anything to do with his son’s relationship with Trump? Leave a comment below!

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