FBI opened investigation into whether Trump was actually a Russian agent

The New York Times came out with an explosive report claiming the FBI opened an inquiry into wether or not Trump was working on Russia’s behalf after he fired James Comey. The firing was arguably obstruction of justice as Trump claimed he fired Comey because of “the whole Russia thing” and Comey’s apparent probing. But the report claims it worried the FBI on a broader scale as it could implicate Trump as a Russian agent. This is astonishing because it means counterintelligence agencies had to question whether the President’s actions constituted a threat to our national security. It seems necessary to say that no other president has had this question lofted to them.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller took over this inquiry once he was appointed and it became part of the broader investigation into Russian influence in the 2016 election. It is currently unclear what conclusions Mueller has made on this inquiry but it will likely be made public with his other findings.

To read the full NYT article click the link below

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